ISU Credit Union

Online Banking Login Changes

System Conversion Complete
Online banking has been restored and you now can log-in using the new log-in ID and the temporary password as outlined below.


Your online banking login ID is now your account number. Please remember the use of hyphens in the account number has ended with the new system. If your current number is 12345-9, your new account number is 123459. If your account originated at the former Pocatello Teacher’s Federal Credit Union, your account number will now begin with 7 and enough 0 digits to make a 6-digit number. If your account is 123 it will become 700123. If it is now 1234 it will become 701234 and if it is 12345 it will become 712345.If you are unsure of your account number, please contact us at 208 235-7100.


The first time you login to the new online banking system, you will be required to use a temporary password. For the first time log-in, use only the last four digits of the primary account holder's social security number as the temporary password.
You can change this password after logging in the first time.


E-Statements will not be available for the December statement cycle.  All ISU Credit Union accounts will receive a paper statement instead of an e-Statement.