Forward Together

Welcome to ISU Credit Union!

The merger process has been completed. Thank you for your patience as we are experiencing higher call volume and branch traffic. Please stay tuned for important updates. Call us at 208-235-7100 with any questions.

Please be aware of these key upcoming dates/items:

Important Account Number Details (Necessary for Online Banking Set-up and activation)

All Scenic Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) account numbers have been amended to 8-digit account numbers that begin with "75" and incorporates their existing SFFCU account number. Depending on the length of the current account number, the number zero will be added to complete the 8-digit set. See example below:

Acct Number

Scenic Falls Mobile App Access: Access to the Scenic Falls FCU mobile app has been disabled. Please delete your SFFCU app and download the new ISU Credit Union app on the morning of September 1, once the system conversion has been completed. Learn More Here >>

September 1, 2017 - System conversion complete. Thank you for your patience during the conversion process.

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Forward Together: ISU Credit Union and Scenic Falls FCU