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Compare Checking Accounts

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Choose from a variety of checking accounts, each with its own distinct benefits.

Join and Open Your Checking Account Today!

Accounts may be opened with individual or joint ownership, or as a custodian-for-a-minor account. There is a $1.00 membership fee and a minimum deposit of $25.00, your share of ownership in the Credit Union. Even if you move, retire or change employment you may continue membership by maintaining a share balance of $25.00.

Table data for Checking Rates
Minimum Balance Compounded / Paid Annual Percentage Yield (APY)1 Monthly Due Alert Me
REWARDS Plus Checking $0.01-$20,0002 Monthly 1.50% $3
$20,000+2 Monthly 0.15%
If qualifications not met3 Monthly 0.01%
Senior Checking $25.00 Monthly/Monthly 0.01% $3
Basic Checking $25.00 N/A 0.00% $0
Youth Debit Account $25.00 N/A 0.00% $0
Money Market Checking $2,500 + Monthly 0.25% $6.50 (Fee waived with $2,500 daily balance)
Share rates effective 07/01/2017 Money Market Rates effective 03/23/2020. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change at any time, as determined by the ISU Credit Union Board of Directors. A list of terms and conditions which apply to the above accounts is available at the Credit Union. Fees could reduce the earnings on the accounts. ISU Credit Union attempts to update rates immediately whenever a change occurs; however, the listed rates are not guaranteed accurate.
  • 1APY = Annual Percentage Yield
  • 2Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Account balances over $20,000 will be paid 0.15% APY on the balance over $20,000. A “qualification cycle” means a period beginning one day prior to the first day of the current statement cycle through one day prior to the close of the current statement cycle. Accounts which do not meet the three monthly qualifications will earn 0.01% APY on the entire account balance. REWARDS Plus checking is available only on personal accounts.
  • 3Requires monthly qualifications: 12 debit card purchases, a direct deposit or automatic payment, receive electronic statement.

EMV / Chip Card Features

EMV Enables The Next Generation of Payments.

Watch the video and read the FAQ to learn more!

  • What's the Difference Between Chip & Signature & Chip & PIN?

    Chip & PIN is a very similar technology, except that you use a PIN to complete a purchase instead of a signature. Both chip & PIN and chip & signature offer enhanced security against counterfeiting compared to the traditional magnetic stripe-only Cards.

  • When My New EMV Card is Activated is there Any Action I Need to Take?

    You may need to update your card information where it is stored for recurring payments, such as online bills and subscriptions. Please update your recurring payment information to ensure that you do not miss a payment.

  • How Do I Use My EMV Card?

    When you come across a chip-specific merchant terminal, simply insert your EMV card into the slot in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen. You may still need to sign to authorize the transaction, and as usual you will receive a confirmation receipt.

    If the Merchant terminal does not accept chip cards, you or the merchant can still swipe the EMV card in exactly the same way as you do today. You can always follow the prompts on the merchant terminal if you aren’t sure whether you should swipe or insert your Card.

  • Are Chip & Signature, EMV and Smart Chip Different?

    Other issuers and companies may refer to chip cards differently, but all of these are different names for the same technology

  • How Do EMV Payments Work?

    The transaction flow with EMV payments is much the same but - with the addition of dynamic authentication and the chip technology - makes EMV transactions more secure:

    • Card authentication takes place either online by using dynamic encryption or offline by protecting against counterfeit cards.
    • Cardholder verification helps ensure that the person making the payment actually owns the card to protect against lost and stolen cards.
    • Transaction authorization is completed either online with encryption technology or offline by using issuer-determined risk parameters.
  • What Are The Security Benefits of the EMV Chip-Enhanced Cards?

    EMV cards come with advanced security due to the chip technology that makes it difficult for a fraudster to counterfeit. These additional features help protect you when used at participating retailers.

  • Why Has ISUCU Switched to EMV Chip-Enhanced Cards?

    We are moving quickly and aggressively to bring the next generation of secure banking to our members. New rules mandate all financial institutions in the US have this new EMV system in place by December 2015. 

    There is still time to implement the system but we chose to act now because so many merchant security breaches over the past two years have affected our members. Account security is our number one concern. 

    Thanks for working with us through these enhancements..

  • What is an EMV Chip-Enhanced Card?

    EMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is a global standard for credit and debit payment cards using embedded microchips. ISU Credit Union's EMV credit and debit cards have an embedded microchip that provides enhanced security features and added protection at payment terminals locally and abroad.

How do I use my chip card at a chip-enabled terminal?

EMV - How To

Order Checks

Reorder checksISU Credit Union is offering you a more affordable option for checks through Checks for Less™. Stop by the credit union to see the new check designs and the low cost for these checks. If you would like more information on Checks for Less™ or if you would like to place an order for checks through Checks for Less™, please contact the credit union at 208.235.7100 or Reorder Your Checks Here. (First time check orders must take place through a branch)

Check Reorder Set-up Information

If you are unable to place an order with our new check printer, Checks For Less™, due to one of the following reasons, please call us at 208.235.7100.

  • New Check Order
  • Name or Address Change
  • Do Not Know Starting Number


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