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ISU Credit Union Blog

  • Renter's Insurance

    Renting? Here’s Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

    2020-09-22 | Housing

    Every landlord has homeowner’s insurance. Should every renter? Renter’s insurance is much more affordable than homeowner’s insurance, and it’s guaranteed to protect your belongings.

  • Gold

    6 Tips For Investing In Silver and Gold

    2020-08-31 | Savings and Retirement

    Precious metals are an interesting intersection of markets, demand, and investment forms. For both new and experienced investors, the task of understanding and predicting when to buy and sell challenges many.

About Our Blog

Welcome to our blog! This blog will serve as a place to find resources about what is happening in the world of finance, savings tips and tricks, and learn about what is happening in our branches and around the community.

Our goal at ISU Credit Union has always been to help our members become better off financially than they were when they joined. We hope that this blog can serve as a new way to help you along your continued journey to financial wellness.