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Account Services

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Incoming/Receiving the Wire
($10.00 Fee - Domestic)
($28.50 Fee - International)
To wire money to your account at ISU Credit Union:
    Send it to:
       Catalyst Corporate CU
       6801 Parkwood Blvd.
       Plano, TX 75024
       ABA Number - 311990511

   For credit to:
       ISU Credit Union
       275 S. 5th Ave., Suite 210
       Pocatello, Idaho 83201
       Routing #324173639

   For the Account of:
      -  Name of member to receive funds/wire
      - Member Address
      - Account Number
      - Specify savings or checking account
      - $ Amount

Outgoing Wire:
Wires to locations in the USA cost $20.00. Wires to locations outside the USA cost $48.50

To send a wire from your account to another Institution, contact Member Services at ISU Credit Union with the following information:
    Name of Credit Union, Bank or Financial Institution to receive wire
    Address, City, State (And Country if a foreign wire)
    Routing Number (US only)
    ABA Number or Swift code(Foreign only)
    Then we need name of person(s) receiving the wire.
     - Account Number
     - $ Amount
     - Special Instructions (savings, checking or where the money needs to go)

   For US wires, the specified receiving institution must be on-line with the Federal Reserve.  

   For most institutions, the wire will be sent to a central office and credited to the desired        
   Branch location.

   For foreign wires, the entire exact address of the financial institution must be included or       
   the wire cannot be sent.  

   Complete information on the recipient must also be received:
       Name of person  to receive wire
       Recipients Address
       Account #
       Amount of wire
       Special Instructions

Safe Dep. Box

Safe Deposit Boxes are available:

Alameda Branch (202 W. Alameda - Pocatello)

  • The boxes range in size and price from 3 X 5 X 24 for $15.00/yr, 3 X 10 X 24 for $25.00/yr, and 5 X 10 X 24 for $40.00/yr.

Sunnyside Branch (2255 E. Sunnyside - Idaho Falls)

  • The boxes range in size and price from 3 X 5 X 24 for $15.00/yr, 3 X 10 X 24, 5 X 10 X 24 for $40.00/yr, and 10x10 X 24 for $75.00/yr.


PAT (Phone Audio Teller)

PAT (Phone Audio Teller) is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any touch-tone telephone. With a telephone call to PAT, you can:

  • Review account balances
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Change your debit card PIN
  • and much more...

Call PAT at 208.235.7101

ID Theft Protection

ID Theft Protection

Fraud Defender
We’ve partnered with a national identity theft protection service called Fraud Defender to help provide aggressive safeguards for our valued members. Our new streamlined checking accounts will come with both financial rewards as before and peace of mind by being part of an identity protection system.

Security Center

We are excited to introduce a one-stop-shop website that provides all the information you need to know about fraud, security and identity theft protection.

Instant Issue Debit

Instant Issue Debit Cards — Skip the Wait!
ISU Credit Union offers instant issue debit cards to members! Instant issue cards allow members to open a checking account and receive their card the same day; ready to use at the ATM, stores, and businesses.

Enjoy the benefits:
• No more waiting 10 or more days for your debit card and PIN
• Local High School and ISU branded cards available (See Below)s
• Security of having your debit card and PIN in hand before you leave the branch
• Stop by your local branch and get yours today!

HS Cards

Idaho State University Debit Card

Get your own custom ISU debit card… instantly!


Tradition never graduates. Show your Bengal pride with a custom debit card from ISU Credit Union. A portion of each swipe supports Idaho State Univeristy. Roar, Bengals Roar!

Stop by your local branch and get your custom debit card printed instantly!