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Convenient online banking tools designed to make it easy to get your banking done and get on with your day.

Check your accounts, make transfers, set up payments, and budget like a pro with useful planning tools. With ISU Credit Union, managing your accounts anytime, anywhere is easier and more secure than ever.

Complete the sign-up form and your application will be reviewed and a password will be sent to you promptly.

Online Banking Features & Benefits

  • Get up-to-minute balances on all your accounts
  • Verify when checks clear
  • Transfer funds and make payments 
  • View statements with eStatements
  • Pay bills with our FREE bill pay service
    • Available 24/7, Safe & Secure
    • Perform Money Transactions
    • View and Print Cleared Check Images (Check Imaging)
    • Make Withdrawals (a check mailed to your home)
    • View Tax Reporting information
    • Make Payments on Loans

    Requirements for Access

    • An active ISU Credit Union share, checking, or loan account
    • An account number and password

    • Computer with Internet access
    • Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, Firefox or other browser with 128-bit security encryption


    • Unable to access online banking Account Logon Page

      With recent security changes to our online banking, you are now required to upgrade your internet browser to a 128-bit encryption browser.  Please make sure you are using these latest browsers. If you need further assistance please contact the credit union. 

    • Forgotten Password

      If you have forgotten your password or your account is locked up from bad password attempts, please call the credit union at (208) 235-7100 and one of our friendly staff will reset it for you. Do not submit an online banking application (these are for new accounts only). For security reasons, after five incorrect password attempts online banking will automatically lock your account. 

    • New Login Process

      1. Your account number is now your login.  Do not use a hyphen in your account number.  

      2. The first time you login to the new online banking system, you will be required to use a temporary password. This temporary password will be the last four numbers of your Social Security Number. You can change this password after logging in the first time.

    • Logging out of online banking

      When exiting your online banking account, please use the "Log Out" button. The "Log Out" is a security feature that helps protect your account information from unauthorized users, especially when you are using public computer terminals. If you exit your account without using the "Log Out" feature, you may have to wait several minutes to re-enter your account. ISU Credit Union is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible security and protection regarding your account information.

    Technical Support

    If you have forgotten your password, are unable to log into Online Banking or experience problems, please contact the Credit Union or see Frequently Asked Questions


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    Enjoy ISU credit union

    I have enjoyed ISU credit union in Idaho falls, The sunnyside branch have great employees and excellent service.

    Posted By: Jamie
    96 days 17 hrs 37 mins 51 secs ago
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     We love Sunnyside!

    Thanks for your feedback. They have an amazing team over there and truly love their members!

    Posted By: ISUCU
    89 days 32 mins 21 secs ago
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    Thanks For Your Patience Everyone!

    We are aware of the issues and appreciate the feedback. Please let us know if you are continuing to experience any online banking issues and we'll get them addressed asap. Thanks again for your membership and working with us during this transition.

    Posted By: ISUCU
    594 days 20 hrs 57 mins 29 secs ago
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    I know things change and I know there are hiccups along the way. May I suggest that next time that it not be done at the first of the month when folks are trying to pay bills NOR done on a holiday weekend when folks need access to their money. Just a suggestion. Now once again I will go and try to login to my accounts. Thank you.
    Posted By: Andi Elliott
    595 days 3 hrs 32 mins 57 secs ago
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    Cant get on the website to chefk accounts. Not really yappy with merger!
    Posted By: rick jensen
    595 days 23 hrs 56 mins 52 secs ago
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    logging in to online banking

    I'm not sure why everyone is having such a hard time logging into their accounts. There are a few little changes, but nothing hard to fix. I did as it asked and got right into my account to be able to balance my account & check my balance. I haven't used my new card yet, but my husband has used his all went through with no problems. I'm hoping it all continues to go through smoothly.
    Posted By: Theresa Suttey
    598 days 2 hrs 24 mins 5 secs ago
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    They say change is good...thinking I need to make a change.

    I have tried to get into my account online several times and spent time on the live chat and still I cannot get into my account. I had been with Scenic Falls for several years and this just isn't the same. Don't have time to continually try to get this done.
    Posted By: Bridget Cervantes
    599 days 2 hrs 7 mins 22 secs ago
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    Cant log in

    Will not let me log in to check balances or pay billsy7s9
    Posted By: Gerald Christensen
    690 days 17 hrs 2 mins 37 secs ago
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     Give us a call!

    Please give us a call so we can help you resolve your issues - 208.235.7100
    Posted By: ISUCU
    690 days 4 hrs 45 mins 53 secs ago
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    need help

    inable to log on to anything on the computer. isu credit union, heartland bank, yohoo. what do I need to do.!!!B4Q
    Posted By: fred shepherd
    691 days 4 hrs 48 mins 59 secs ago
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     Give us a call

    Please give us a call so we can help you resolve your issues - 208.235.7100
    Posted By: ISUCU
    690 days 4 hrs 45 mins 7 secs ago
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    card wont work

    please help me meet a deadline online the online merchant doesnt recognise my card number
    Posted By: darin perry
    691 days 15 hrs 28 mins 34 secs ago
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     Give us a call!

    Please give us a call so we can help you resolve your issues - 208.235.7100
    Posted By: ISUCU
    690 days 44 mins 36 secs ago
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    can't access login to pay bills

    this is frustrating, because I am out of town and need access to pay my bills
    Posted By: sandra mitchell
    719 days 5 hrs 40 mins 47 secs ago
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     Bill Pay

    Hey Susan - we are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. We will reach out to make sure you get taken care of. Thanks for your membership!
    Posted By: ISUCU
    712 days 4 hrs 45 mins 15 secs ago
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